Westfield Soccer Association

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

We create and provide high-quality soccer experiences for children of all abilities within our community that inspire a love of the game through positive personal growth as players and people.

Our Vision

Be the best community-enriching youth sports club by cultivating player, team and life skills through the ‘beautiful’ game of soccer.

A note from the WSA:

The youth sports landscape is continuing to change with specialized academies, year-round playing opportunities and more for even the youngest of players. We have heard from some families that they are concerned that they may not be doing the most for their children as they learn about new and different playing opportunities in soccer and other sports. Others, however, are seeking playing environments without endless commitments and persistent competitive pressures for their children. These community concerns were just a few of the drivers that compelled the WSA to revisit its mission over the past several months. We also realize that as we continue to expand programming, innovate and evolve as a Club, we needed to re-establish and strengthen our guiding principles with not just an evolved mission statement but through the creation of a Club vision statement and set of values. This foundational work will help us better shape future programs and be used to inform decision-making. It also offer players and their families valuable information about what we are striving to do and what we believe in so you can be confident in your choice to enroll in WSA programs. The committee work concluded late this summer and we are very pleased to share our new vision and mission statements as well as our Quality SCRIPT of values. As you will read, we are a community that believes we are much more than just a place to play soccer. Please view what we do for whom and how here on our website.