Westfield Soccer Association

Your coaching points during the game

Weekly email 5/19/2016


In prior emails, meetings and other sources I’ve made an effort to outline what the role of a coach is come to game day. This to set the expectations and to ensure that if everyone is on the...

We all love the underdog

Weekly email 5/12/2016



At the start of the EPL last August there weren’t too many people who expected Leicester City to win the title in this prestigious league this year. Many expected them to struggle and the...

Rethink talent identification

Weekly email 5/5/2016


In prior emails I’ve already discussed that it is very hard to identify the most talented players at a very young age. Talent quite often is confused with early development, with the result...

Let’s move on to club soccer in the U.S.

Weekly email 4/26/16



I recently was able to attend a youth club summit hosted by the NY Red Bulls. The Red Bulls, along with a few other MLS franchises, recognize that they are so much more than a...

Player evaluations

Weekly email 4/22/16



At our general meeting earlier this month we shared with all parent coaches that we will ask both the professional trainer and the parent coach for each travel team, to fill out an...

Beyond the X’s and O’s

Weekly Email 4/13/2016



The text for my weekly email this week will be very short as I plan to direct you to a great podcast worth listening to. In training and coaching most of our efforts are focused on the...

Can we motivate our players to continue to play outside of the trainer led practice sessions?

Weekly email 3/22/2016


Last weekend I had the opportunity to coach 1 of our younger travel teams in a tournament in Newark. The boys I coached faced several very good sides who at this point and time are better...

Our Westfield Style of Play

Weekly email 3/18/2015



Last weekend the season started for many of our teams, so this is great moment to send out my first weekly note for the Spring season. Although a lot of our time and focus has been on the...

Winning vs development or Winning and development

Weekly email 11/05/15


We have made you all well aware that the focus of our programs is on the development of our players. The focus on the process, the development of our players, is emphasized. Sadly enough not...

A coach can help a team maintain the right shape

Weekly email 11/11/15


Since I’ve come on board as the DoC for the association I’ve made an effort to help all coaches understand how they can have a positive impact on their team’s performance during a game. It...

Stay on Course!

Weekly email 10/21/15


Through coaches’ meetings, emails, clinics and content available in the coaches corner all coaches have been provided with a lot of information that can be used to prepare for a season/year...

Westfield SA is a Participation Club

Weekly email 10/28/15


Last Spring I shared a note with all of you stating that the Westfield SA is a participation club. This means that all players who join our program are going to be given the opportunity to...

The coaches on the sideline

Weekly email 10/14/15


I know at least 1 coach, but probably a few more, will reply to my email today asking me how I feel about the Netherlands not qualifying for the Euros in June 2016. To be honest? I cried a...

Keep an eye on the bigger picture

Weekly email 10/7/15


As you all know, I spend a lot of time on the fields every weekend during the Fall and Spring seasons. I watch many games being played from our REC program through FC Premier. I obviously...

Parent coach led practice sessions

Weekly email 9/30/15


The season is in full swing and many teams have played at least 2 games already. With the season underway, I will also send out my weekly emails much like I did the last year. All emails...

The importance of street soccer

Weekly email 6/10/15


We are all well aware that free play or street soccer can have a huge impact on the development of players. You can ask many of the best players in the world to find out what really helped...

Developing a winning mentality

Weekly Email 5/28/15


Through one of our trainers I came across a very interesting article which I will attach to the email. The attached article sums up a lot of the things that we as a club have shared with you...

Westfield SA, a participation club

Weekly email 5/20/15




With Memorial Day around, many teams are close to the end of the Spring soccer season. The majority of the teams, especially teams U11 and older, most likely only have a few games left...

Developing young goal players

Weekly email 5/15/2015



During the general meeting last Monday night I shared the clubs philosophy on developing goalkeepers, or goal players as I like to call the players in the goal, to repeat once again that...

Keep as many players involved with youth soccer as possible

Weekly Email 5/6/2015



Hope all is well.


On more than 1 occasion I have communicated our priorities as a club whether it be through emails, presentations for our coaches or when I run in to the coaches on...

7 soccer myths busted (or not)

Weekly Coaches' Email 11/19/2014



I’m sure many of you have heard that scoring just before the end of the first half is very advantageous for a team or if you get fouled in the box and are awarded a penalty kick you...

It is still a marathon, not a sprint

Weekly Coaches' Email 4/22/2015


In last week’s email I discussed the annual WSA travel tryouts and the importance of them when we go through the process of forming our travel teams for next year. I received some very good...

Saturday Practice Sessions

Weekly Coaches' Email 4/7/2015


With the weather improving and the grass fields now open or opening up for use very soon, all teams assigned a Saturday practice slot will go out very soon, for their coach led practice...

Game Day Coaching

Weekly Coaches Email 3/18/15



Hope all is well.


I’m sure you are all just as excited as I am that we are actually able to practice and play outside after a very long and cold winter. With the season started, for...

Game day coaching - What do you focus on during a game as a coach?

Weekly Coaches Email 3/24/15


Hope all is well.

As a follow up to the email I sent last week I would like to bring up a point that came up after talking to several volunteer coaches. By now it is known that we would...

Parents can help help their children have a better sports experience

Weekly Coaches' Email 11/12/14



At last Mondays coaches meeting we were able to enjoy a presentation given by our guest speaker Jeff Bookman. Jeff has a huge amount of experience in youth soccer both in the States and...

Talent Recruitment or Talent Development

Weekly Coaches' Email 11/4/14



For those of you that follow international soccer you are probably aware that the national soccer team of Iceland recently shocked the world by defeating the Dutch national team in a...

Putting Kids Back Into Kids' Sports

Weekly Coaches' Email 10/29/14


In the first coaches meeting held, at the beginning of the Fall season, I had brought up that many young athletes drop out of organized sports by the time they turn 13.

Although this is an...

Introducing the Goal Player

Weekly Coaches' Email 10/22/2014

We all know as coaches that the position of the goalkeeper is an important position to fill on our team, but some teams struggle to find players that want to play in the goal. One of the...

Video - Principles of Play

Weekly Coaches' Email 10/14/14

On many occasions over the last few weeks I have mentioned to you through email, or in a clinic or in a conversation that players need to learn to play the game based on the principles...

Understanding the principles of play

Weekly Coaches' Email 10/7/14

Over the last few weeks as I attended games and practice sessions for many of our teams, I have gotten the question " What formation should my team be playing?" at least once...

Build Up of a Practice Session

Weekly Coaches Email 9/24/14


Hope all is well.
You are all aware that I spent a lot of time during the weekends to attend games and practice sessions. My main goal is to get familiar with all our programs and...