Westfield Soccer Association
Field Status

Houlihan and Sid Fay Field Regulations

The WESTFIELD RECREATION DEPARTMENT takes pride in offering a “state of the art”, lighted, synthetic turf athletic field at Houlihan and Sid Fey Fields to its users. To preserve the performance, resilience, and appearance of the fields PLEASE ABIDE BY THE FOLLOWING REGULATIONS:
·       Place ALL TRASH & LITTER in containers provided.
·       ENTER & LEAVE the fields on the “PERIMETER CARPET” & WALKWAYS PROVIDED. ACCESS to both fields is from the “PARKING LOT” ONLY.
·        DRINKS limited to water/ CLEAR power drinks.
      PLEASE - - No Orange/Red/Blue/Yellow sports drinks, chocolate, coffee, cola, fruit drinks or juice, ice cream, ketchup, mustard, milk, tea, butter, food coloring, water colors, etc.
·        No chewing gum, chewing tobacco, or sunflower seeds.
·        No pets allowed.
·        This is a SMOKE-FREE facility.
PARKING: The lot has been expanded to allow parking for over 40 cars. Please observe and follow posted signage.
BATHROOM FACILITIES: Two port-a-potties are available at the field for emergencies. DO NOT use St. Helen’s facilities.
NOISE: Amplified music, air horns, etc. are not permitted. Our neighbors live right across the street.