Westfield Soccer Association

Contact Information

Contact: Pat Romano
Phone: 908-789-1505
Email: romano54@verizon.net

To all Westfield referees,       
Please look at the message below for our assigner Pete Milwicz, 2 very important notifications:
    1 - Mandatory Referee Meeting
    2 - If you did not receive the email below from him, you must send him an email letting him know that you did not get it, so that he can add your name to the list of available referee.
Date March 6, 2018
Place  Cranford Community Center
Time 7:30
220 Walnut Avenue in Cranford
My outlook blew out on me and I lost a lot of email addresses.
Please pass this notice onto any referee you might know in case they did not receive this email.
Have them email me so I can add their email address to my list.
Hope to see you all there.
I have attached the new build out line rules that MNJYSA will be implementing in the Spring.
Please bring them with you to the meeting.
Pete Milwicz

How to become a Referee

Grade 8 Referee: Competitive Youth Games


Must be 16 yrs of age the day of the class (if you will turn 16 yrs of age on or just prior to the date of the classroom session, you will need to contact the referee office to register: njrefoffice@verizon.net )

This Grade 8 Referee class is to certify referees for the competitive youth game.  You may officiate both recreational and competitive "travel" soccer games.  


GRADE 9 Recreational Referee Requirements


1.     Minimum 14 years of age on the day of the class

2.     Can only officiate RECREATIONAL soccer game

3.     Cannot officiate travel games

4.     Must attend a one day classroom session in its entirety

5.     Pass a 50 question multiple choice classroom exam with a score of at least 75%


 For additional information click link below


U.S. Soccer Federation Referee Program

August 2015

Quality education resources for officials of all levels will be featured in these updates so be sure to take full advantage of the information and content being posted in the Resource Center at ussoccer.com.



New Recommendations for Referee Skin Care

As part of U.S. Soccer’s commitment to health and safety, our medical and referee experts have prepared recommendations for the referee community which will be incorporated into our referee education materials.


Check out OSI’s USSF Black Mesh Cap, a breathable mesh hat that the can be worn for sun protection.  Also check out the Lightweight Quarter Zip Long Sleeve, which is a moisture management shirt with UV protection.  It’s great to wear during high sun exposure days!

A Reminder

Please remember that this is Youth soccer. Not only are the players young and learning about the game, Westfield Soccer sponsors referee training and a vast majority of the referees, particularly those in the in-town league, are young and also learning their craft.


Players, coaches and parents are never permitted to harass a referee, question or even loudly comment on their calls. The referee has the right to eject parents, coaches and players from the field for dissenting behavior and, under extreme circumstances, can even call an end to the game.


Coaches, spectators and parents should always direct their energy towards offering only positive encouragement to those that are on the field and trying their best the players and the referees.